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Drama, elegance and a touch of sparkle. What more does a statement piece need!


Wide Dior style brim in shot sinamay of teal and charcoal grey which works beautifully with the sparkle of the hand applied zipper braid swirls.

Fixed to a small percher base underneath to sit at an angle of 'just so'.  Secured to the head by a wide headband which will give good security for all day wear. (unless it is windy, inwhich case you will need to hold on.)


Measurements: 48 cm wide




Swirling Dior

  •  Millinery pieces and rain and/or liquids, are not friends.  Rain can damage and ruin a hat, especially straw, sinamay, fabric covered, feather and floral pieces.  If the weather turns sour at your event, please ensure your hat is undercover and protected from rain.  

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