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Hat Hire Terms & Conditions



Booking & Payment

  • Bookings to choose your hire hat are strictly by appointment only.  Contact by phone or email to arrange a suitable time.

  • The hat(s) remain the property of Willmott-Dalton Design at all times.

  • Full payment at the time of booking is required to confirm your chosen millinery piece.

  • Repairable Damage Insurance can be added and paid for at pick-up if not added at the time of booking.

  • Millinery hire prices range from $50 - $150.  Certain hire pieces with a retail price of $450 upwards will require a security bond of $100. This is refundable on return of the hire piece providing there is no damage.  Any damage will forfeit a refund and incur up to the full retail price for replacement depending on the degree of damage.  This is on top of the security bond.   

  • Repairable Damage Insurance (R.D.I) of $50 can be added to the hire fee.  R.D.I. is non-refundable on all pieces.

Hire Period, Pick-up and Return

  • Hire duration is four days.  (ie Friday -Monday) There is no refund if the hat/s are returned before the fourth day.

  • Longer hire periods can be arranged if required for out of town travel.  An additional fee of $5 per extra day will be charged.

  • Your hire piece will be picked up at an agreed time with Willmott-Dalton Design and the hirer. 

  • Pick-up day is taken as Day One of your hire period.

  • Once a hat has been taken for hire it is considered a hire even if not worn and there will be no refund.

  • The liabilities of the hirer commence at the time the hired hat(s) are collected from our premises or other location agreed by Willmott-Dalton Design, and continue until they are returned to Willmott-Dalton Design.

  • Late Return Fee of $10 per day will be charged if your hired millinery is not returned on the contracted day.

  • Delivery of your hired piece can be arranged within the Christchurch area for a $10 fee.  This is additional to the hire fee.

  • Hired Millinery pieces are required to be returned with all packaging materials and hat box.

  • If hat/s returned without their hat box and packaging a $20 hat box replacement fee will be charged. This and any other charges are required to be settled on the contracted hire return date.

  • In the case of a hired piece not being returned in time for the next hirer, an alternative piece/s will be offered.  If the alternative selected piece/s are not suitable for the hirer, a full refund will be given.  Every effort will be taken to advise the hirer of the situation prior to the contracted pick-up date.

  • Willmott-Dalton Design will not be liable for any delay or failure to deliver due to circumstances which are out of its control; or for any damage or injury caused by the misuse of the hired millinery.


Cancellation policy:

  •  The full hire fee  (including Repairable Damage Insurance, if taken), will be refunded for cancellations made 14 days before the hire date.

  •  The full hire fee will be retained for cancellations made less than 14 days prior to the hire date.


Hire Responsibilities, Loss & Damage.  Repairable Damage Insurance:

  • Willmott-Dalton Design Millinery is made by hand. Each piece has taken upwards of 10 hours to create. Millinery hire pieces require gentle and respectful care and handling.  This includes over the hire period.  From pick up until the return time.

  • Repairable Damage Insurance: This is an optional fee in addition to the hire fee. This insurance fee covers you from the time of pick up to the time of return on your contracted hire date.  This will cover any damage that is repairable including any hat box damage.  Any damage will be assessed at the time of returning your hire piece. 

  • Repairable damage covers dents, missing trims, elastics, combs and/or bands. Broken or damaged feathers and/or quills. Minor and removeable marks.  Repairable Damage Insurance covers any damage that is deemed repairable at the discretion of Willmott-Dalton Design.

  • Wet weather is the enemy of millinery and MUST be protected from rain.

  • Under no circumstances are Hirers to attempt to clean any products themselves by any means (dry cleaned or otherwise). If done so, Willmott-Dalton Design reserves the right to invoice for part or full retail replacement value of the items.   

  • if you have taken out Repairable Damage Insurance at the time of booking and attempted to clean the item if marked or damaged, your Repairable Damage Insurance will be null and void.

  • Pieces will be inspected on return for any damage or breakages. 

  • Damage includes and is not limited to; holes, dirt, marks, dents, squashed or misshapen, bent brims/wire, broken and or missing trims; quills, feathers, flowers etc.  Headband or head-fitting damage, missing elastics and or combs.  Dirt and marks from makeup and or hair products.  Weather damage from rain.  Excessive smells of smoke, perfume or any other offensive scent which is not easily removed.

  • If you have not taken the option of Repairable Damage Insurance at the time of booking or added at the time of pick up, any damaged items will incur a damage fee which will be assessed at the time.  This will be a minimum of 25% of the retail price up to the maximum of the full retail price of the item, NOT 25% of the hire price.  If you have taken Repairable Damage Insurance at the time of booking or pick up, you will be covered and not charged anything extra, except in the situation of loss, theft or items damaged beyond repair.

  •  Lost, stolen or un-repairable (including excessively dirty and marked) millinery pieces will be invoiced to the hirer for the full retail price for replacement.  The full retail price will be advised at the time of hire on your hire agreement. Repairable Damage Insurance does not cover loss, theft or un-repairable items.

  •  Invoices for late, lost or damaged beyond use hat boxes and / or lost or damaged beyond repair millinery items will be required to be paid for on the contracted Hire Return Date. 

  • If the hirer is unable to pay the replacement or damage invoice within three days (including weekends), debts will be passed on to a third-party debt collection agency on the next working day.   You agree to pay Willmott-Dalton Design's costs of collection (including but not limited to internal administration fees, legal costs, collection agency costs, and bank fees). Any hirer in this situation will be barred from hiring from Willmott-Dalton Design in the future.


*These terms and conditions refer to the Hirer, this is the person who has hired the millinery.

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